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 product introduction



This product carries out the entire process of thread making, fabric knitting, dyeing, sewing, inspection, meter reading, and packaging in Japan.



This is a TRAVEL Let's original material that is knitted by making a special twisted yarn (confidential) from a fine count yarn that is a blend of American Pima cotton and San Hawkin cotton .

We have developed TRAVEL Let's original yarn with a fine count adopted by top brands that are expanding worldwide.

Special processing (confidential) has been applied to prevent pilling (pilling) as much as possible .


Knitted fabric

Special processing (confidential) is applied to the Tenjiku knitting.

Special processing (secret) is applied so that the fabric does not stretch too much when you put something in your pocket.

We pursued comfort and feel and realized a smooth touch.

While aiming for a luster that looks like silk at first glance, it has an elegant luster that suppresses shine, and is characterized by an elegant atmosphere that does not look like cotton.

The versatility of coordination is high, and it is a finish that can be matched from jacket-in to suits as well as everyday use.

around collar

Around the collar

In consideration of shape retention while emphasizing the atmosphere and design when worn, a rubber tape with strong kickback is used inside the collar to achieve elasticity when putting on and taking off. Although it has a small neckline design, the rubber tape has the function of gradually returning the neckline to the original shape of the neckline, which stretches when you put your head in.

Three-dimensional cutting

Since the body, armholes, and sleeves are all made by draping when making the pattern, the silhouette makes the body line look beautiful while considering the range of motion.

We are pursuing a well-balanced shape and position of the chest pocket that is easy to use when worn .


Uses a metal fastener that is durable even if you continue to wash it. (Originally used for pants such as jeans)

Since it is made of metal, the fabric on the body side is covered with tape to reinforce it so that the fabric will not be damaged by friction when opening and closing.

To enhance security, we intentionally attach a zipper that feels good when opening and closing.

When opening and closing, raise the fastener and lower the knob to lock it firmly.

Considering design security, I made the fasteners invisible when I was wearing them.

Large capacity pocket

A large-capacity pocket that enables "business with no hands".
It is also safe to carry important documents such as contracts in the business scene.

You will be freed from the hassle of having a heavy business bag!
Anything that passes through the security pocket opening can be put in,
but be careful not to pack a large amount of thick, small, heavy or small, light items.
* If you put too many things in it, the silhouette will collapse and you will not be able to secure it smartly, so please use it as a large-capacity multi-pocket with the minimum required documents, mobile phone, passport, card case, wallet, etc.

The position of the pocket was installed at the position where the angle of the arm when putting in and out was calculated by studying the movement of human beings.
By installing it about 2 cm inside instead of right next to the body, it is much easier to put it in and out.

Inside pocket

Inside pocket for passports and wallets that realizes "traveling empty-handed".
The inside pocket inside the security pocket is effective against pickpocketing.

You can move with your valuables without having to keep your luggage on the beach side.
When wearing at the water's edge, it is recommended that you put small items or smartphones in a zipper bag and then put them in your pocket. * Please note that the zipper back is not completely waterproof.


Blind logo mark

Since it is a T-shirt that emphasizes security, we placed a logo mark around the sleeves.
The cuffs are single-stitched so that they do not feel like the back side when the sleeves are rolled up and the logo is exposed.

Right-handed and left-handed

We have achieved the same usability for both right-handed and left-handed people .


About sewing and stitching

3mm wide stitches are placed on the shoulders and armholes.
By fixing the seams with stitches, it is possible to minimize the twisting of the seams due to washing.

We are particular about the stitch width, and the 1mm width stitch called edge stitch may make the sewing look dirty, and if it is 3mm or more, it may give a casual impression. Therefore, I decided that a 3mm wide stitch was the best.

Inside pocket

Inside pocket mouth specifications

We have devised a way to clean up the seam allowance of the pocket opening of the inside pocket.
The seam allowance is hidden so that things do not get caught in the seam allowance of the pocket opening so that it is easy to put things in and out with the tentacles instead of visually when wearing them.

Washing test

We have obtained a result (*) that there are no problems with shape retention, strength, appearance, etc. in the washing test .

(*) We have passed the hard washing test of 10 times of washing, but please wear it for a longer time. It is recommended to put it in the laundry net and wash it.

-Although it has cleared the inspection standards, due to the characteristics of the fabric, the color may transfer to other products if it gets wet and rubbed.
・ Do not leave the product wet with water or sweat for a long time.
・ Avoid using detergent containing fluorescent agent as it will make the fabric whitish.
・ After washing, shape it and dry it in the shadow immediately.



A washing label is printed on the neck of the back body as part of the logo print (* 1)
(* 1) By designing the usual name tag and quality label as a logo print, the tag feels tingling when worn. We have taken care to remove the logo and wear it stress-free.
The use of irons and dry cleaning are prohibited (* 2).
(* 2) This is because there is damage such as the logo print peeling off.


Because it uses fine count yarn, it is especially breathable on the back and sleeves.
The front body has a double structure (*) due to its design, but it is judged to have sufficient breathability because it uses fine count yarn as above.
(*) The thickness of two pieces of fabric with a double structure is about the same as that of a general T-shirt, and it has a structure that suppresses the sense of sheerness.

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